Wisdom Tooth Removal


Wisdom teeth can become impacted due to limited room within the jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth likely needs to be removed. Infection, gum tenderness, swelling, or severe pain may develop if not extracted. Impacted wisdom teeth that are not fully erupted are very difficult to clean. In this state they are susceptible to recurring infections, tooth decay, gum disease and worsening pain.

Wisdom teeth are ideally removed when a patient is in their late teens or early twenties in age because the roots of the teeth have not fully formed and the bone surrounding the each tooth is weaker. This can make extraction easier and usually shortens recovery time.

A small piece of the bone covering the tooth may also need to be removed. However, it is unlikely you will feel any pain when your wisdom teeth are extracted because the area will be numb from freezing. If you do feel pain during the procedure, you can tell the dentist and they can give you more anesthetic.

We also offer our patients moderate sedation that can make wisdom teeth removal a comfortable experience. Many patients have no memory of the procedure at all.

Most procedures take around one hour. Afterwards, you should expect 2-3 days of minor discomfort and swelling. Your dentist will give you medication for pain and instructions on how to keep post-operative discomfort to a minimum. Healing time will vary, but usually ranges from 3-7 days.


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